Government Watchdog Media

(stealth brand)

The party's over.

Tens of thousands of governments operate across the globe.  In the aggregate, they spend more than a third of total global income.  Inadequate scrutiny has contributed to governmental dysfunction, bloat and obsolescence.  Government has become one of society’s biggest problems. 
GWM is a media producer specializing in government scrutiny - local, regional, federal and international.  It operates bureaus of journalists, researchers and database experts to produce continuous, multimedia content for citizens, including:

  • popular, entertaining and unbiased reporting in the form of news, dossiers, exposés, infographics and events,
  • easy access to government information, including access to a citizen’s own personal information (underpricing a thriving B2B industry) and
  • social tools for whistleblowing and harnessing the power of community.  

GWM has the opportunity to enter an untapped market and become a market-leading brand with a sustainable competitive advantage, similar to ESPN’s proven subject-matter specialist strategy.  The internet enables GWM to directly distribute content globally at nominal cost, and enter the paid content market at a time when $558 billion in global paid content revenue is transitioning to online. 

GWM has developed a fremium revenue model (not a bolt-on metered one) that, like Consumer Reports (7.3 million subscribers), uses unique, actionable content to drive its online subscription service ($5 per month, $50 per year) and an ad-free approach that can bring quality leadership (similar to HBO). 


Mercury is currently assembling the GWM founding executive team, establishing key partnerships, developing the business plan, and securing angel investor and supporting organization commitments.  Once completed, Mercury and GWM plan to secure venture capital investment.   For additional information contact Marisa Wallwork: