Venture Capital Investor Program


Crucial involvement of top-tier venture capital firms

In venture capital, far more than in all other investment classes, there is a wider spread between the returns of the top quartile firms and those of the average firm.  Top-tier venture firms have the proven expertise to nurture companies from early stage to global success.


Mercury only moves forward with a startup’s Series A round of investment if it is led by a top-tier venture capital firm. 


The Mercury Startups opportunity

Mercury’s Venture Capital Investor Program offers venture investors the opportunity to make larger investments at higher returns than typical Series A rounds. 


The Mercury Approach

Mercury’s comprehensive approach to startup development includes organizing a founding team, assembling an expert angel group, and bringing in supporting organizations.  All of these elements increase returns for venture capital investors.


Unique attractions of the Mercury Venture Capital Investor Program

  • Mercury startups benefit from top executive talent and experienced advisors.
  • Mercury startups have a detailed business plan that includes key partnerships and minimizes technical risk.