Executive Summary


Startups – opportunity

Around the world, startups have proven to be drivers of job growth, regional prosperity and wealth creation. The advance of globalization and the increasing pace of technological change are creating more opportunities – and more demand – for large-scale startups.


Startups – challenge

However, startups are usually starved of cash and talent. Venture capital has had mediocre returns.  Seasoned executives generally feel it is too risky to join a startup at its formation.


New resources

Established corporations have plentiful capital and now recognize supporting startups as an effective way to pursue certain strategic objectives. Public development authorities recognize the vitality that startups can bring to their regions and are clamoring to support them. Angel investors are a burgeoning investment class and have proven to be a key success factor for startups. Mercury’s unique approach brings these three resources together.


The Mercury Approach



The Mercury Approach is a comprehensive framework for developing large-scale, consumer-branded startups.


We research opportunities created by innovative technologies and business models.


We identify and cultivate startup concepts that require large-scale to launch effectively, and have the potential to achieve a global reach. 


We work with executives and angel investors on an exploratory basis to assess and evolve these concepts. 


We bring together the management, board and angel investor talent to develop a strategy and to form strategic partnerships.


We then help the startup executive team to secure venture investment (exclusively from top-tier venture firms) to enable it to launch.  


Mercury startups are well positioned to become globally recognized companies that significantly improve quality of life for their customers and generate extraordinary returns for their founding executives and initial investors.