Universal Publisher Network

(stealth brand)

The internet has been disruptive to media companies.  It does not support a paid model for publishers of continuous content, such as magazines and news, and has not generated sufficient new revenue to replace that lost by publishers of discrete content, such as movies, books and music.  The strategy of licensing “out” is troublesome because it subverts the primary benefit of the internet - direct consumer contact.  Today's media consumers are under-served with spotty online access, faulty pay models and the deterioration of journalism.   
UPN is a media distribution company that packages professionally created publisher content for consumers in a unique way – content is viewed on each publisher’s own website – offering publishers the twin benefits of direct consumer access and participation in robust paid offerings attractive to consumers.  UPN organizes publisher content and delivers a suite of services to publishers, including:

  • A Publisher Network that links publishers, creating a pinball effect and reducing the roles of the search engine and aggregator middlemen
  • UPN-branded subscription packages sold on the publisher site and comprised of content from hundreds of publishers, generating the critical mass necessary to achieve mass market acceptance
  • A single user account that provides consumers instant personalization at each site, a single library and one-click purchasing     

UPN is competing in the $558 billion global paid content market that is currently transitioning to the internet.  Its business model (unlike Apple, Amazon and Netflix who cut publishers off from consumers) strengthens publishers by enhancing their websites and resolves consumer issues with today’s digital media.


Mercury is currently assembling the UPN founding executive team, establishing key partnerships, developing the business plan, and securing angel investor and supporting organization commitments.  Once completed, Mercury and UPN plan to secure venture capital investment.   For additional information contact Marisa Wallwork: marisaw@mercurystartups.com.